Inspiration and Education are the Top Podcasts for Cannabis Growers

It is important to stay up-to-date on all current trends and techniques in cannabis cultivation. Podcasts are a great way of doing this. Learn from professionals in the field and get inspired and motivated for growing your own cannabis plants. These podcasts provide inspiration and education.

Podcast on Cannabis Cultivation Science

Dr. Colin Bell hosts the podcast, which focuses on science and cultivation of cannabis. Bell speaks with industry specialists about topics like nutrition and genetics. This podcast is for those who want to learn more information about cannabis cultivation science.

Grow Cast

Jordan River hosts Grow Cast. It covers all aspects associated with cannabis growing. Jordan River shares information with his guests, including beginner tips and advanced methods. They also discuss business and cannabis activism.

The Pot Cast

Ian Eisenberg hosts The Pot Cast podcast. The podcast covers a wide range of topics including cannabis cultivation. Ian speaks with cannabis industry professionals for insights. He also discusses policy and advocacy topics.

The Grow from Your Heart Podcast

Rasta Jeff hosts Grow From Your Heart. This podcast is about growing cannabis at-home. Rasta Jeff gives tips and advice to growers from all levels. Also, he interviews industry professionals. Rasta Jeff writes about marijuana advocacy and cannabis culture.

The Grow Show With Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman hosts The Grow Show. He is an internationally recognized cannabis grower. This program will give you tips and advice on how to grow high-quality cannabis plants. Kyle also discusses lighting, nutrients and soil. Kyle also interviews industry experts. He also shares his growing tips.

The Dude Grows a Show

Scotty Real hosts The Dude Grows. It’s a podcast that focuses on cannabis. Scotty and the Dude offer advice and tips to growers at all levels. They also interview cannabis industry professionals. They also discuss activism, as well as cannabis culture.

These podcasts will enable you to get advice from industry experts as well as motivate and inspire for your personal growth. Take a look at all of them to determine which one is best for you.